Royaume du Maroc - Instance Equité et Réconciliation  

Mr. Abdellatif Menouni

Mr. Abdellatif Menouni was born in 1944 in Meknès.

He concluded a PhD in public law at the Grenoble University, in 1976. Mr. Menouni is a member of the constitucional council, a professor of constitutional law at the University Mohammed V and the president of the Moroccan Association of Constitutional Law.

Mr. Abdellatif Menouni is the author of several publications : "Institutions politiques et droit constitutionnel", "Histoire des idées politiques", "Le syndicalisme ouvrier au Maroc" et "L’Union nationale des étudiants du Maroc".

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« It is not only a matter of sharing knowledge and reappropriating the past, but it is also a matter of making common standards and rules of living emerge into the present and into the contradictory debate, in addition to building the future together… »
Driss Benzekri

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